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Civil Law & Civil Litigation

Peter H. Wernicke, Orange County Civil Litigation Attorney
Civil Law which includes everyday matters like divorces, civil litigation, personal injury and more.

Civil Law is the body of law governing relationships between individuals not involving criminal conduct, such as the fulfillment of contracts, the payment of bills, business arrangements, and similar matters.  Civil litigation is a lawsuit that can be undertaken by individual or company, seeking to reclaim what is owed to them. 

The Law Office of Peter H. Wernicke specializes in Civil Law, and handles many different types of civil litigation cases be it a breach of contract, a collection of moneys owed, or a defense against a claim for money.  The following list is just a portion of the types of cases we handle:

Breach of Contract Personal Injury
Child Custody Prenuptials
Child Support Sexual Harassment
Contract Negotiation Spousal Support
Divorce / Dissolution of Marriage Wills

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